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It is my ambition to be there for my clients when they need me and to provide efficient advice at highest professional quality. In doing so, approaches to solutions beyond old thought patterns also play an important role.

Trust as Top Priority

The trust of my clients and long-term cooperation are my top priority.

Dispute Prevention and Settlement

In addition to the traditional legal work, dispute prevention and extrajudicial resolution are the focus of my advice.

International Issues

Whether entering the Austrian market or relocating. I also support you in legal matters with a foreign connection.

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Client satisfaction and long-term cooperation

The satisfaction of my clients and the resulting long-term cooperation are the declared goals of my legal work.

Together we break new ground in order to achieve the best result for your (legal) matters. Detailed and comprehensible advice is just as important as good and direct accessibility.


  • Since 2020 Law Firm Roupec
  • 2019 – 2020 Attorney at Law at GARGER SPALLINGER Rechtsanwälte GmbH
  • 2019 Registered in the list of attorneys of the Vienna Bar Association
  • 2018 Bar exam in the OLG district of Vienna
  • 2016 – 2019 Associate at GARGER SPALLINGER Rechtsanwälte GmbH
  • 2015 – 2016 Lawyer in the Professional Association for Healthcare Companies, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
  • 2013 – 2014 Tax Assistant at Deloitte Services Wirtschaftsprüfungs GmbH
  • 2012 – 2013 Court practice in the OLG district of Vienna
  • 2008 – 2012 Studies of Law, University of Vienna (Juridicum), Mag. iur.



Areas of practice & focus

Contract Law

Precise and legally secure contract drafting can prevent costly legal disputes.

The decisive factor here is which (life) facts you wish to regulate and what the declared objectives of the contract are. Legal limits and formal requirements must also be observed.

If you frequently conclude contracts for legal transactions of the same type with repetitive provisions, general terms and conditions can also be useful.

Contact me as early as possible so that I can inform you about all details and advise you already during the contract negotiations.

Commercial Law / Corporate Law

For entrepreneurial organization and entrepreneurial business transactions special requirements emerge, which I am quite familiar with due to my long-standing activity for small and medium-size enterprises.

Depending on your individual initial situation (among other things, goal of business activity, distribution of roles, type of company, etc.), I will support you in choosing the right organizational form for your company and accompany you from the founding of your company to its ongoing operation. I am also happy to act as the “external legal department” of your company.

Furthermore, I am at your side as a reliable partner in questions of business transfer and the possibilities connected therewith (e.g. whether in the form of a share deal or an asset deal or by way of reorganization) as well as the termination of entrepreneurial activity through dissolution and liquidation.

Shareholder Disputes

A brilliant business idea, best agreement of all parties involved and the foundation of the company takes place harmoniously and full of enthusiasm. But then, a shareholder dispute arises and threatens the company’s existence at whole.

Practice shows that business start-ups are often not thought through to the end. A conscientious examination of the possible conflict scenarios, including the development of (preventive) regulations, can in any case minimise the risk of dispute.

I support you both in the forward-looking conception of the contractual regulations and in the solution of conflicting shareholder situations.

Trade Law

The commercial pursuit of an activity generally requires a trade licence, for which various requirements must be met.

Foreign entrepreneurs/companies wishing to carry out commercial activities in Austria must also comply with the provisions of the Austrian Trade Code. In the event of a foreign connection, the provisions of the law on the employment of foreign nationals and the law on settlement and residence must also be observed.

You would like to know whether the activity you are aiming at is subject to the trade regulations and if so, which requirements you have to fulfil or which authorisations you have to obtain? I will be happy to advise you and also act as a link between your company and the (Austrian) authorities.

International Assignment of Personnel

The international assignment of personnel has become virtually indispensable in today’s world. In this context, complex cross-border constellations can arise in practice, which require a precise knowledge of the applicable legal provisions.

Essential criteria for the application of Austrian law are, in particular, the type of personnel assignment (personnel leasing versus secondment versus local employment), the duration of the personnel assignment, the nationality of the foreign employee (EU/EEA nationals/Swiss nationals, third-country nationals), the qualification of the employee, the registered office(s) of the companies involved and any (group) relationship of the companies involved.

I will advise you on the legally correct classification of your employee assignments as well as on obtaining the necessary permits or filing the required notifications. I am also happy to act as an intermediary between your company and the (Austrian) authorities.

Real Estate Law

The acquisition or sale of a property is associated with numerous complex issues: legal framework conditions, asset and ownership relationships, contract design, taxes, fees and much more.

I support you with the examination of your real estate project, give advise on possible legal problems (e.g. whether the property is suitable for the development at all or is encumbered with rights of third parties) and inform you about taxes and fees arising in your specific case.

Furthermore, I draw up the contractual document (e.g. purchase or donation contract) tailored to the project and your personal requirements, take care of the entry in the land register, and take over the self-calculation of the accruing taxes and fees including payment to the tax offices. For the handling of your real estate project I will of course only use electronically secured escrow accounts.

Marriage and Partnership Law

Entering into a marriage, a registered partnership or a life partnership affects many areas of life. In this context, not only questions of property law arise, but also questions of inheritance law and social law.

During a consultation, I will analyse your individual situation and inform you about your rights and obligations during the lifetime of your marriage, as well as aspects of legal provision and security. I will also discuss with you whether it makes sense to draw up a marriage contract / partnership agreement or a last will for your situation.

Divorce Law

A separation is a highly personal decision with far-reaching consequences and emotional exceptional situations.

My goal is to be a reliable partner for you during this difficult time. In doing so, I will inform you about the possibilities of ending a marriage (divorce due to fault, divorce for reasons related to the other person, divorce due to separation of several years, divorce by mutual consent, dissolution of the registered partnership) as well as related issues such as custody, alimonies and property division.

Inheritance Law

“Prevention is better than cure”: As part of my advice, I provide information on mandatory provisions of inheritance law and the question of how best to safeguard one’s own will in the succession.

Possible topics of advice are also the clarification of the assets to be transferred by way of inheritance, the analysis of the group of persons entitled to inheritance and compulsory portions, the structuring possibilities of testamentary dispositions (appointments, bequests), formal requirements for the declaration of the last will and testament, prerequisites of statutory share reduction or disinheritance, donations during one’s lifetime and their creditability against the inheritance portion, waiver of the compulsory portion as well as discussion of the framework conditions regarding gifts and inheritance tax.

I also take care of the registration of your testamentary disposition in a register of wills, e.g. in the register of wills of the Austrian attorneys.

Special Topics

If you did not find your field of law in the list above, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can also support you in special matters, such as food labelling law or related.

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Fairness and Transparency

A good price/performance ratio with a clear and transparent cost regulation form the basis of my legal work. Agreements on an hourly rate basis, flat fees or billing according to the attorney's tariff are possible. During the initial contact we discuss the fee in advance and find a clear agreement.

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